AIWAF is one of main security solution provided by MONITORAPP. With MONITORAPP’s finest technology, AIWAF protects your web services from outer threats with multi security policy. AIWAF not only meets requirements of OWASP Top 10 threats, but protects your web from unidentified threats with regular updates.

AIWAF Function & Features

Multi Deployment Model

With Transparent Proxy technology(Patent No. 10-0898371), AIWAF can be deployed without any environmental change to the pre-existing network.

  • Inline Mode
  • One-Armed Mode
  • Multi-Segment Mode
  • Out-of-Path Mode
  • Port-Trunk (Tagged VLAN)
  • Active-Active, Active-Standby

Various Pattern of Web Attack Block

  • OWASP Top 10
  • XSS / Injection Attack Block
  • HTTP based DDOS Attack Block
  • Application Exploits Block
  • SSL Termination
  • Latest Web Vulnerability Attack Block via Automated Updated Function

Convenient Management Tool

  • Intuitive User Interface Based on WEB
  • Various log Search & Management Tool
  • Combined Log Interlocking Function via SNMP, SIEM
  • Application Exploits Block
  • Statics & Report Function


Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act (2011.09.30)

  • When Collecting Personal Information, Collect Minimum Information (Article 15, 16)
  • When Handling Personal Information, Oblige Safety Measures (Article 24, 29)
  • Prohibit Outflow of Personal Information Without Legal Authority (Article 59)

AIWAF Policy

  • Protection for Personal Information Leakage(masking)
  • Blocks Uploading/Downloading the File which Contains Personal Information